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Are you ready for Kweeng Doll? The self-described “gender-bending rapper with an androgynous look and fast hard spitting bars” works “to advocate and be uniquely me, to hopefully inspire others to be their true selves and break barriers.” The nonbinary musician became the first queer person and rapper to be named WBUR’s favorite Massachusetts entry of the NPR Tiny Desk Contest, and she’s still fighting to claim her space in rap. “It is such a cis male dominated field. Female MCs are just starting to get their shine. It’s about time us queer rappers break through stereotypes and I have been doing that since I started and will continue to make way for other [artists] like myself,” she says. This November, Doll is dropping her second project, I’m That Gwurl. “I am excited to get new music and content to my fans that have been waiting, and to create after such a crazy time,” she says. — T.H., Photo Lijah Pannell

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